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Making ends meet

Making ends meet (slang)

Type: verb, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /make-in-ends-meet/

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What does Making ends meet mean?

To be making enough money to pay your bills and survive.

Example sentence: “We are going state to state and making ends.”

Making ends meet in songs:

“Always making moves, I didn’t make the rules I’m just making ends meet with this plate of food” – Rick Ross, MMG The World Is Ours.

“That’s complete with penis envy, and even keyless entry Cause see, I’m making ends meet, so care to be friendly? And make ends meet? In my backseat in an awkward frenzy” – Watsky, Stupidass.

Don’t mean much, guess we’ll see Fairy tale making ends meet Find the time as I dig deep” – Taylor, Tightrope.

“Reaching out for assistance But the distance ‘tween him and any help’s a hell of a mission That’s a result of them burnt bridges Now he’s sitting there alone hoping they miss him But they ain’t know that he knows Cause he phoned them a long time ago, and they ain’t call back Now he a lone wolf again With no home and no friends, barely making ends meet” – Craig Xen, Masochist.

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Making ends meet
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Making ends meet

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