Limp dick


Limp dick (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /limp-dick/

Also spelled or known as: Limp-dick

What does Limp dick mean?

To have an executive dysfunction or not able to get an erection.

Limp dick Synonyms: ED, Erectile dysfunction

Example sentence: “I was laughing lowkey, i had limp dick after the club.”

Limp dick in songs:

“I will go into it, party ’til I go limp dick” – A$AP Ferg, Real Thing.

“I’ll slap you up side your head with nine inches of limp dick!” – Dr. Dre, Dope Man.

“You’re fired and tired, you can’t stay up like a limp dick” – Tyler, The Creator, Pimp Slap.

“Annabelle caught with the shrimpy limp dick” – Beastie Boys, Hello Brooklyn.

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Limp dick
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