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Krunk (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /kruh-unc/

Also known or spelled as: Krunk

What does Krunk mean?

To be crazy drunk and hype.

Krunk Synonyms: Crunk, Buck, Faded, Lit, Smashed, Twisted, Turnt, Amped

Coined by: Lil Jon

Example sentence: “I was krunk at the party last night.”

Krunk in songs:

“Just cause it’s us in the club they krunk, it’s $hort and Twista And I know the ladies know we love to cut, I can tell it when they whisper” – Twista, Quit Hatin’ Pt. 1.

“Like MJ when I’m going for the dunk Like Lil Jon cause that nigga get krunk Juice in my cup, your girl starstruck A nigga tatted up” – Yung Simmie, So Cool.

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