Juvy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /joo-vee/

Also spelled or known as: Juvie

What does Juvy mean?

A juvenile detention center or hall.

Juvy Synonyms: Kennel, Box, Central booking

Example sentence: “He went viral as soon as he got out of Juvy.”

Juvy in songs:

“I was in juvy, they gave me community, I had to pick up some litter” – 2 Chainz, Big Amount.

“Spend days in juvy standing at the window, looking through it” – G-Eazy, Eazy.

“No juvy, still out here trainin’ them eaters” – YNW Melly, No Holidays.

“I pulled up on him wit my juvy out now his block hot, block hot” – Lud Foe, Knock It Off.

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