Jumping the broom

Jumping the broom (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /jump-in-d-broom/

Also spelled or known as: Jumpin’ the broom

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What does Jumping the broom mean?

To be getting married.

Example sentence: “We’re jumping the broom tomorrow.”

Jumping the broom in songs:

Fuck jumping the broom, honey moons, I, I hit the pot” – Joey Bada$$, Big Dusty.

“You kind of dusty, I ain’t jumping the broom, like my chicks in they” – CJ Fly, Blackkk Krown.

“A eighth of shrooms, picture me jumping the broom” – Meech, Suspiria.

“You gotta real nigga thinking ‘bout jumping the broom” – Plies, Smile.

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Jumping the broom
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Jumping the broom