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Jumped the broom

Jumped the broom (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /jumpd–d-broom/

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What does Jumped the broom mean?

To have gotten married.

Example sentence: “My cousin jumped the broom yesterday.”

Jumped the broom in songs:

“Come out clean lookin’ like we jumped the broom and the dustpan” – Chance the Rapper, All Day Long.

“Went to Vegas, jumped the broom ‘Cause I wasn’t trippin’ on papers” – Big Boi, Banana Clipper.

I’m married to this shit, jumped up off the porch, then I jumped the broom” – Freddie Gibbs, Frank Lucas.

“Few years later, I married the game, I jumped the broom” – Benny the Butcher, Trade it All.

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Jumped the broom
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Jumped the broom