Jocked (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /jok-ed/

Related: Jock, Jockin’, Jocker

What does Jocked mean?

1. To have copied or stolen.

Jocked Synonyms: Jugged, Stiffed, Finessed, Looted, Robbed, Ganked, Jacked

2. To be really liking someone or something.

Example sentence: “He jocked my style.”

Jocked in songs:

“I jocked the way she rocked her lil Versasce and her Prada” – Lil Wayne, Biznite.

“I done been locked and jocked for the shit I’ve been claimin'” – Hussien Fatal, Where U Been.

“I thought this was the spot, I was supposed to get jocked” – Macklemore, The Club.

“They jocked a nigga style and they had turned me to a monster” – Future, Hard.

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