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Jive turkey

Jive turkey (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /jiive-turk-ee/

Plural: Jive turkeys

Also spelled or known as: Jive-turkey

What does Jive turkey mean?

Someone who is a coward, dishonest and exaggerates.

Jive turkey Synonyms: Punk, Sucka, Scrub, Poser, Sucker, Buster

Example sentence: “He has been moving like a jive turkey lately, just telling lies.”

Jive turkey in songs:

You’s a jive turkey, that’s a cook with the stuffing” – Troy Ave, That’s My Bitch.

“Meet me in the alley, make sure you bring the money This ain’t the seventies, I’m far from a jive turkey” – Wyclef, Family Business.

Jive turkey, Skinny Pimp smokin’ and strokin’ that water by the campfire trick” – Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Y’all Ain’t No Killaz.

“Grab a dictionary, my styles vary, my words flip Grab a cemetery and jump in it you jive turkey” – Kendrick Lamar, Highway To Hell.

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Jive turkey
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Jive turkey