Jimmy hat

Jimmy hat (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /jim-e-hat/

Plural: Jimmy hats

What does Jimmy hat mean?

A Condom.

Jimmy hat Synonyms: Jimmy, Rubber, Jimmy mack, Jimmy cap, Wrapper

Example sentence:I’m not ready for a child so i had a jimmy hat.”

Jimmy hat in songs:

“You got a jimmy hat? Then you should put on jimmy” – Papoose, Cure.

“I’ma need jimmy hat, no cap, when I gotta hit that ass from the back” – Azizi Gibson, Year of the Dog.

“He hold the crown but not the jimmy hat Now he wears a frown and the jimmy hates that” – Q-Tip, Pubic Enemy.

“I like to bone so I keep me a jimmy hat” – Comethazine, Permanent.

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Jimmy hat
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Jimmy hat