If i’m lying i’m flying


If i’m lying i’m flying (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /if-im-lying-im-fly-in/

Also spelled or known as: If i’m lyin’ i’m flyin’

What does If i’m lying i’m flying mean?

Confirming a statement to be true, even though it sounds crazy to believe.

If i’m lying i’m flying Synonyms: If i’m lying i’m dying

Example sentence: “I just bought a new double r, If i’m lying i’m flying.

If i’m lying i’m flying in songs:

If I’m lying, I’m flying, and I show ain’t flying” – Gucci Mane, Back in ’95.

If i’m lying, i’m flying, then bitch I ain’t taking no sip” – YungManny, The Road.

“I ain’t trippin’ on a bitch and if I’m lying, I’m flying, heart of a lion” – French Montana, Trippin.

If I’m lying I’m flying word to everything I love” – Noyd, Air It Out.

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