Honey bun

Honey bun (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /honey-bun/

Also spelled or known as: Honeybun, Honey-bun

What does Honey bun mean?

A hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

Honey bun Synonyms: Hunnid Thou

Example sentence: “He signed a deal for a Honey bun.”

Honey bun in songs:

“Nothin’ ain’t seen, all this money on me, hunnid racks in the bag, that’s a honey bun” – Lil Baby, For the Night.

“I get ’em stuck up for a honey bun” – Young Thug, F Cancer (Boosie).

Touched a honey bun, tryna trap me up a thousand stacks” – Boldy James, Buffs vs. Wires.

“On a light day, I keep me a honey bun” – Gunna, Heatin Up.

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Honey bun
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Honey bun

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