Hobo (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ho-bo/

What does Hobo mean?

A poor or homeless person.

Hobo Synonyms: Broke, Bum

Example sentence: “He gave a hobo some spare change.”

Hobo in songs:

“I done geared up the motor My brother in prison in Polo I jumped in the game and went loco I put on these clothes like a hobo” – Lil Baby, Errbody.

“I still get them things in for the low-low Yeah we got more pumps than a GoLo Long nights in the skreets like a hobo A nigga diss on me, he a homo” – Lud Foe, Shoulda Left You.

Nigga, don’t check for me ‘less you got checks for me I kept a stick like a hobo, no checkin’ me” – 21 Savage, ​can’t leave without it

“She got an ugly friend? Roll solo Can I stay at your place? No hobo” – Childish Gambino, You See Me.

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