Headtop (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cut-e/

Also spelled or known as: Head-top, Head top

Plural: Headtops

What does Headtop mean?

The crown of someone’s head.

Headtop Synonyms: Kranium

Example sentence: “He got slapped in his Headtop.”

Headtop in songs:

“I’m steady droppin’ bombs on your headtop, Been that way since I could make your bed rock” – Drake,

“Man know bar for bar, I do damage, I’ll leave an MC’s headtop cabbage” – Bugzy Malone, Mad.

“All we know is dead opps, no attempts at leg shots, hit him in his headtop” – 22Gz, Suburban, Pt. 2.

“Cool your headtop, you hotter than Anitta” – Drake, Ratchet Happy Birthday.

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