Hag (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /ha-ahg/

Related: Haggard

What does Hag mean?

An ugly old woman.

Hag Synonyms: Witch

Example sentence: “Someone get this screaming hag out of the restaurant.”

Hag in songs:

“And overpriced, an arm and a leg; owe ’em your life or your ice
Villain, nag a grieving old hag” – MF DOOM, Crosshairs.

“Beer goggles if she’s a hag” – The Lonely Island, Spring Break Anthem.

“Boy you a bitch and a hag” – POORSTACY, Mothership

“And I’m sendin her care mail, Like get well you old hag” – Proof, Activity as Phuctivity.

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