Government Cheese


Government Cheese (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gavern-ment-cheeese/

What does Government Cheese mean?

1. Welfare money or any money given by the government.

2. Processed cheese given to poor families in the U.S. during the Reagan Administration.

Government Cheese Synonyms: Welfare

Example sentence: “Whats good with you famo?.”

Government Cheese in songs:

“After that government cheese, we eating steak” – Jay-Z, F.U.T.W.

“I stay with a bitch on her knees and give guns away in the hood like it’s government cheese” – 50 Cent, Gotta Make It to Heaven.

“We in every hood, nigga, government cheese” – Rick Ross, Sixteen.

“Breaking down a brick, call it government cheese” – Chief Keef, We Eatin’.

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