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Golden rubbers

Golden rubbers (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gold-en-rub-ers/

Also spelled or known as: Golden-rubbers

Singular: Golden rubber

What does Golden rubbers mean?

Magnum brand condoms.

Golden rubbers Synonyms: Magnums, Mags

Example sentence: “I had a pocket full of golden rubbers.”

Golden rubbers in songs:

Golden rubbers in these denim pockets, On my waist, there’s a black Glock” – Frank Ocean, She.

Yeah, golden rubbers in your denim pockets But I got fat stacks stuffed in the pockets of these chinos” – Robb Bank$, Buy It (January).

“Got blue dream, golden rubbers, 2 girls never seen each other First time that they meet each other, French kissing how they greet each other” – Hakeem Ture, Yu aint know.

Golden rubbers in these corduroy pockets She can get it if she dance, if she can pop it” – 24kGoldn, 240.

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Golden rubbers
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Golden rubbers