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Fav (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /fayv/

Also spelled or known as: Fav’, Fave

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What does Fav mean?


Fav Synonyms: Fave

Example sentence: “Your new single is my fav.”

Fav in songs:

“Sneak dissin’ always been a fav of cowards Ahh, you don’t wanna take it there” – Fabolous, Lituation.

I’m horny like that Coltrane album A Love Supreme, that’s Cole favalbum” – J. Cole, Night Job.

Stacks in my pouch, you know it jump at the house You come with two when it’s late, know the brown one is my fav‘” – Travis Scott, Mafia.

“She was lovin’ my music, saw me live, and now I’m her fav‘ It’s that flow, it’s that flow” – Packy, Tell Me.

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