Going out sad

Going out sad (phrase)

Type: phrase

Pronunciation: /goin-out-sad/

What does Going out sad mean?

To be on the losing end of a situation.

Going out sad Synonyms: Losin’

Example sentence: “You going out sad talking to that lil thot.”

Going out sad in songs:

“You going out sad, all they do is laugh at you” – Trippie Redd, BANG!

“These niggas mad at me, these niggas going out sad” – Yung Bans, Dresser.

“I just pulled up with the MAC today, I don’t plan on going out sad today” – Offset, What the Price.

Nigga going out sad ’bout the ho, he a Skittle” – DaBaby, Pick Up.

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Going out sad
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Going out sad