Gank move

Gank move (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gaynk-move/

Related: Gank, Ganked

What does Gank move mean?

A robbery.

Gank move Synonyms: Heist, Hit A Lick, Lick, Jooks, Stick up, Hit a stain, Stain

Example sentence: “They were arrested after being involved in a gank move.”

Gank move in songs:

Bitch on the gank move, to skeaze me” – Eazy-E, Still Talkin’

“Ten o’clock it’s a motherfuckin’ gank move” – Stretch, Crooked Ass Nigga.

“4 niggas rollin, I better watch out for the gank move, it was smooth, one of the fools jumped out” – MC Eiht, Late Night Hype.

“Eazy-E on the gank move I ganked you, so easily” – Bizzy Bone, Strictly For My Grind.

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Gank move
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Gank move