Fye (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /fii/

Also spelled: Fye, Fya, Fiyah, Fii

What does Fye mean?

1. Really good or cool.

2. Fire.

Example sentence: “That thai food was fye.”

Fye in songs:

Fye that bitch up, we gonblank” – Offset, 100 Racks.

“I still be ridin’ witfye, steering wheel on the right” – Kodak Black, Free Cool Pt.2.

“Boy talk dat fye den i’mma hit em’ with the laser” – Lil B, Suck My Dick Hoe.

Pussy so fye, she want my dick” – XXXTENTACION, THE ONLY TIME I FEEL ALIVE.

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