Freaknik (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /freak-nick/

What does Freaknik mean?

An annual spring break festival in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Example sentence: “Remember when people would go to freaknik.”

Freaknik in songs:

“Got the party jumpin’ in Atlanta like I’m Freaknik Got the party jumpin’ in Atlanta like I’m Donald Glover” – Logic, Cocaine.

Don’t call her Wifey if you met her at the Freaknik” – MF DOOM, Hoe Cakes.

“Franny got the Aria setup like it’s a Freaknik Vegas like Marineland, that big whale treatment” – Drake, Elevate.

“I’m not the one you sleep wit’, to eat quick Want a cheap trick, better go down to Freaknik” – Lil Kim, Crush on You (Remix).

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