Flamboastin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /flahm-bost-in/

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What does Flamboastin’ mean?

To be showing off.

Flamboastin’ Synonyms: Flexin’, Flossin’, Braggin’, Stuntin

Example sentence: “I see these lames flamboastin’ their whips.”

Flamboastin’ in songs:

“Dancing on the hood while the car’s still rollinStuntin’, shinin’, flamboastin’” – Mistah F.A.B., Ghost Ride It.

Flamboastin’– yolking, dip-n-flowin’ Through your neighborhood on Zenith spokes’n” – E40, Flamboastin’.

Flamboastin’ and sidin and slidin candy toys I was doin my time” – E-40, Show & Prove.

“Fives get slapped, and revenue grows From just a little bit of lightweight flamboastin’” – Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Bonus Flavor (I Got 5 On It).

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