Flamboast (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /flahm-bost/

Related: Flamboastin’, Flamboasting, Flamboaster

What does Flamboast mean?

To show off.

Flamboast Synonyms: Flex, Floss, Brag, Stunt

Coined by: E-40

Example sentence: “I love to flamboast, I have to stunt on my exes.”

Flamboast in songs:

I’m close, I’m doing the most, I flamboast I coast, take my foot off the brake Then I casper the friendly ghost up the interstate” – E-40, Gasoline.

“I could have the warden wife come visit me in prison, Exclusive gang fitted, flamboast” – E-40, Bae (Remix).

“Motherfuckers hate to see a true nigga flamboast Bringin’ in more net than gross” – D-Shot, Get Chopped.

“Keep quiet as it can be, careful, don’t flamboast They’ll run through your pockets, take off your clothes” – E-40, Surroundings.

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