Faking jacks

Faking jacks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fake-in-jacks/

Also spelled or known as: Faking-jacks

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What does Faking jacks mean?

To be acting like or claiming you’re doing something you’re not, or faking moves.

Faking jacks Synonyms: Fronting

Example sentence: “I seen you in the club faking jacks.”

Faking jacks in songs:

“It seems that faking jacks want to cause my demise Along the way wouldn’t give me play but couldn’t stop the course of my rise” – Pressure, Testimonial Year.

“In ’97, studio hustlers push crack on wax And breaking backs, but faking jacks If it wasn’t for contracts, they wouldn’t bust caps So, destroy your people and collect huge stacks” – Jeru the Damaja, Me, Not the Paper.

“Hey Yo, ain’t no time for faking jacks cause niggas who fake jacks Get laid on their backs, the streets is real” – Havoc, Gimme the Goods.

“Harsh winds, and never coming, downpouring Cats be faking jacks, don’t know what they’re down for” – Guru, False Prophets.

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Faking jacks
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Faking jacks