Disco (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dis-co/

What does Disco mean?

1. A nightclub or place where people go dancing to live music.

2. A genre of popular music made for dancing.

Disco Synonyms: Pop Music, Pop

Example sentence: “Back in the 70’s OG’s would hit the disco.”

Disco in songs:

“And while ya sleeping, you start to dream, And thinking how ya danced on the disco scene, A name appears in your mind” – Master Gee, Rapper’s Delight.

“He 6’5”, I’m a munchkin, and we speed to the disco” – Tyler, The Creator, 327.

“The price bitch is diamonds, shining disco light” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Got Your Money.

Bet this chopper make him dance like a disco” – Blueface, Shotta Flow (Remix).

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