Dime bag


Dime bag (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dime-bag/

Also spelled: Dimebag, Dime-bag

Plural: Dime bags

What does Dime bag mean?

$10 worth of weed.

Similar to Dime bag: Dime sack, Eighth, Quarter, QP, Half, Zip, Pound

Example sentence: “I brought us a dime bag for tonight.”

Dime bag in songs:

Sick, twist two spliffs out my dime bag shit” – Ab-Soul, Track Two.

Copped the ounce dime bag by my nutsack” – Kodak Black, Project Baby.

“You just spent my last 10 dollars on a dime bag” – Kota the Friend, The Way.

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