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Dickhead (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dick-head/

Also spelled or known as: Dick head, Dick-head

What does Dickhead mean?

An irritating person who treats people unfairly.

Dickhead Synonyms: Asshole, Jerk

Example sentence: “My shorty’s older brother was a dickhead when i first met him.”

Dickhead in songs:

So please don’t take my BIC out, my book out, my pick out My hair, my fucking big mouth, you dickhead, you dipped out” – Chance the Rapper, Fuck You Tahm Bout.

I’m a grade-A douchebag, I’m a dickhead Asshole area where my gooch sag” – Tyler, The Creator, O.K..

Change, she feel pain, strain, built-up anger From dealing with a dickhead, putting her life in danger” – J.I.D, Skrawberries.

“Whitey Ford, 40 and white, lethargic ass dickhead I keep ’em comin’ while you runnin’ out of breath” – Eminem, Quitter / HitEm Up (Everlast Diss).

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