Crip walking

Crip walking (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /krip-walk-in/

Also spelled: Crip-walking

Related: Crip walk, C-walk

What does Crip walking mean?

To be doing the crip walk dance; a dance created by Crips gang members where they move their feet to spell the word CRIP.

Crip walking Synonyms: Crip-walk, C-walk

Example sentence: “Catch me Crip walking with the gang.”

Crip walking in songs:

“Ben Frank walk up on me, started crip walking” – Valee, VTL.

“My momma was a Christian, Crip walking on blue waters” – Vince Staples, Lift Me Up.

I’m from the era of crip walking, You was clown-dancing, you wanna be me, huh?” – Schoolboy Q, THE BROWN STAINS OF DARKEESE LATIFAH PART 6-12 (Remix).

Crip walking, repping LBC” – Big Dame, Whip Creme.

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Crip walking
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Crip walking