Co-signed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /co-sign-ed/

Also spelled or known as: Cosigned, Co signed

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What does Co-signed mean?

To have endorsed, supported or agreed with someone or something.

Co-signed Synonyms: Endorsed

Example sentence: “Travis Scott was co-signed by Kanye West.”

Co-signed in songs:

“They saying I’m the next superstar, co-signed by Lee Daniels” – Cardi B,

“I knew it was official when my mama co-signed” – J. Cole, Dolla and a Dream II.

“I’m the face of my city, co-signed by Diddy” – Jack Harlow, Face of My City.

“Used to go to Mark Twain, Mo County co-signed me” – Wale, 100 Miles and Running.

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