Clipped (verb)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /clip-ed/

Related: Clip, Clipping

What does Clipped mean?

To get killed or murdered.

Clipped Synonyms: Popped

Example sentence: “The mobster clipped him in the movie..”

Clipped in songs:

“Leave a motherpumper with his “John Doe” toe-tag clipped” – Big Boi, Poppin’ Tags.

“When I split niggas, clipped quicker than big pictures” – Passionate MC, Lunch Time Cypher.

“Heard the young boy got clipped, should’ve watched his lip, I’m on that slime shit” – Gunna, ARGENTINA.

“If I want him clipped then that’s something I make his man do” – Vado, My Bae.

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