Class clown


Class clown (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /klass-klown/

Also spelled or known as: Clown-clown, Classclown

Related: Clown

What does Class clown mean?

A funny person out of a group of people.

Example sentence: “I can tell who is the class clown in here!”

Class clown in songs:

“Just a class clown, but who’s laughin’ now?” – Mac Miller, Life Ain’t Easy.

“Funny we show ’em class and they call me the class clown” – Childish Gambino, Money Baby.

Class clown, found it funny to correct my teachers” – Capital STEEZ, Capital STEEZ.

“In the school, I was trappin’, In the school, you was class clown” – Calboy, Envy Me.

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Class clown
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