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Chick flick

Chick flick (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chik-flik/

Also spelled or known as: Chick-flick, Chickflick

Plural: Chick flicks

What does Chick flick mean?

A girly or feminine movie.

Example sentence: “My girl always wants to watch a chick flick.”

Chick flick in songs:

“Dress like I’m a skater man and it look like I can kickflip My life is a movie, your shit chick flick” – Skeme, Opposite.

“She wanna watch a chick flick, she on Netflix Had these extras in my crib, made her stretch it” – Pi’erre Bourne, Heart Say.

“Spotted at a chick flick, holdin’ hands The other one on his swollen glans, a golden chance” – MF DOOM, Crosshairs.

“Stackin’ money, outchea lookin’ like a quick lick Run up on her, shoot shit over like a chick flick” – BLEU, Rich Nigga Life.

“These girls love a nigga’s rhymes, that’s diction So the girls wanna see me, I’m a chick flick” – Cadet, Gipset Flow.

“If you wanna know about my whereabouts party at the warehouse Filming up a ratchet chick flick, Paramount” – Dumbfoundead, Ganghis Khan.

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Chick flick
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Chick flick