Blrrrd (ad-lib)

Type: ad-lib, interjection, slang, catchphrase

Pronunciation: /blurd/

Also spelled or known as: Big blrrrd, Blrrd, Big blrrd

What does Blrrrd mean?

Pooh Shiesty and BIG30’s ad-lib.

Example sentence: “Pooh Shiesty always says Blrrrd in his songs”

Coined by: Big30 & Pooh Shiesty B

Blrrrd in songs:

“Mmm, mmm, big blrrrd, huh?, I don’t know why he want something back from me, ” – Pooh Shiesty, Back in Blood

Blrrrd, Come here, shawty” – Big30, BLRRRDDDD.

“Brr, Big Blrrrd, baby, Big Blrrrd” – Pooh Shiesty, Making a Mess.

Perc’ talk, Perc’ talk (Blrrrd)” – Big30, Perc Talk.–eluhSDk&ab_channel=ChoppaGangEnt.

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