BLM (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /b-l-m/

Also spelled: B.L.M

What does BLM mean and stand for?

Black Lives Matter.

Example sentence: “2020 was a year for BLM.”

BLM in songs:

“When all they did was put BLM in they handles for us” – Tory Lanez, In The Air.

BLM till we see the end” – Wale, Live Forever.

“Yeah BLM cool, but let a nigga play dumb, You can be black, white, or blue, I bet you still get slumped” – Baby Smoove, Risk It All Pt. 2.

“Gangs thrive, BLM don’t, it’s foolish, discuss it” – Jonny Farais, State of the Union.

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