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Basehead (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bace-hed/

Also spelled or known as: Base-head, Base head

Related: Freebase, Freebased, Freebasing

What does Basehead mean?

Someone who smokes freebase crack cocaine.

Example sentence: “My big OG started off a Basehead.”

Basehead in songs:

“My database said Day the basehead that date a basehead” – Ab-Soul, W.R.O.H.

“Pull gats like a basehead pull on stems” – Havoc, Drop a Gem on ’Em.

“When it come down to it know the basehead use it” – Vince Staples, Turn.

“Like a basehead would say: I want BASS” – LL Cool J, The Boomin’ System.

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