ATLiens (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /a-t-alee-ans/

Singular: ATLien

What does ATLiens mean?

People who are from Atlanta or Atlanta natives.

Slang for Atlanta: The A, ATL, Zone 6, EA

Coined by: Outkast

Origin: ATLiens became a slang word after hip hop duo Outkast, released their second studio album ATLiens on August 27, 1996, via LaFace Records. The slang term Atliens is from the words Atlanta and Alien combined, ATLANTA + ALIENS = ATLiens

Example sentence: “A lot of ATLiens love American Deli.”

ATLiens in songs:

“You heard the ATLiens, so back the hell up off me” – Big Boi, ATLiens.

“We official ATLiens with plenty ye to sell again” – T.I., In the A.

“Was in your atmosphere, ATLiens all in your ear” – Big K.R.I.T., It’s Better This Way.

“Yeah, ATLiens, I told the pastor to pray for them” – Jarren Benton, Lost Kings.

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