Duo (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /do-owe/

Plural: Duos

Related: Duet, Dynamic Duo

What does Duo mean?

A pair of two artists who are in a group or record and perform together.

Duo Synonyms: Pair, Couple, Group

Example sentence: “Rae Sremmurd was my favorite duo in 2016.”

Duo in songs:

“My world turns, flippin’ the bird, To the ones who figure, Me outcast, no, not the duo” – Kid Cudi, Solo Dolo (Nightmare).

“I’m in the bed with a duo, laid up like two points” – Lil Wayne, Krazy.

“It’s just like old times, the Dynamic Duo Two old friends, why panic? You already know” – Eminem, Business.

“I got me a new ho, and now it’s a duo, One went to college and one went to JuCo” – Lil Wayne, Big Bad Wolf.

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