Arrangement (noun)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /a-range-ment/

Plural: Arrangements

What does Arrangement mean?

1. How a song changes or is arranged from start to finish.

Arrangement Synonyms: Structure

2. A plan or solution.

Arrangement Synonyms: Scheme, Plot

Example sentence: “The reason the song is so fire is because of its arrangement.”

Arrangement in songs:

“Headscarf for after our relations, No judgment is our arrangement” – Drake, Final Fantasy.

“Same song, just remixed, different arrangement” – Mos Def, Thieves in the Night.

“If you talkin’ cash, I can make arrangement” – Gonage, Arrangement.

“Vocal arrangement, ready, set to hit the pavement” – C.L. Smooth, The Basement.

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