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Always on 10

Always on 10 (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /all-ways-on-ten/

Also spelled or known as: On ten

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What does Always on 10 mean?

To always be on point, attentive and moving militant.

Always on 10 Synonyms: On 10, 10 toes down

Example sentence: “I can’t wait to touch down you know i’m always on 10.”

Always on 10 in songs:

“That’s something I can’t even listen at 5 that’s always on 10” – Torae, Shouttro.

“Walk in always on 10, Ain’t no other way when you’re the one, Made it through a lot of dead ends” – Russ, On 10.

Don’t get it twisted I’m always on 10, Can’t wait to use it, just bought to offend” – Co Cash, AvErAgE.

Wanna make beats say when, Hit the studio again, We was always on 10” – James Chmbrs, 20,000 Hours.

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Always on 10
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Always on 10