Rap Word of the Year 2022: Wock

2022 has been a good year for music, We have a great feeling about 2023. Kanye West, Travis Scott, Drake, Future, Chief Keef, Joe Trufant, and so many artists are dropping new music in 2023. There were a lot of new trends, rap slang and terms that have been used a lot this year but one that made buzz is Wock, thanks to Lil Yachty when his snippet for “Poland” leaked. Wock has quickly become the rap term of the year, this is evident in the numerous tracks that feature the term this year.

The Rap Term of the Year 2022 is:


Wock has been used a lot in Hip-Hop music in 2022.

Wock is known as Wocky, Wockeisha, Wockhardt, & many more names.

Some rap lyrics containing “Wock”:

“I took the wock to poland” – Lil Yachty, Poland.

I’m a rockstar, play guitars, sippin’ Wock‘, hey” – Gunna, Lemonade.

“Three hundred a line for the Wock‘, I’m sippin’ red still” – 42 Dugg, Friday Night Cypher.

“Might still sip when I get low (Woah), but I prefer Wock‘ over Tris (Wocky over Tris)” – Pooh Shiesty, Should’ve Ducked.

“I ain’t tryna wrestle like The Rock, fuck the trish, I’d rather sip the wock Lot of things I do to stay alive, everythin’ except for call the cops” – 21 Savage, Major Distribution.

“Burberry Mink on camera (I be) Pour the Wock‘ down in the Fanta” – Future, Happy.

Yeah, I’m in the coupe with a cutter, yeah, sippin’ on Wock‘” – Playboi Carti, New Tank.

“Courtside tickets, spillin’ Wock on the wood” – 42 Dugg, We Paid.

“Wonton, flood the block with some Wock‘ in it” – Lil Uzi Vert, Free Uzi.

“Got young Navi on the phone, he asking for some wock” – Playboi Carti, Minute.

“Mixin’ red with Wock, used to sell that boy rerock, ooh” – Famous Dex, Japan.

Wock‘ got me poured, but this TEC got him leanin'” – Blueface, Bleed It.

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Rap Word of the Year 2022: Wock
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Rap Word of the Year 2022: Wock