Rerock (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /re-rock/

Also spelled or known as: Re-rock, Re rock

What does Rerock mean?

To cook or cut cocaine into rock form.

Example sentence: “The plug doesn’t do rerock..”

Rerock in songs:

“Mixin’ red with Wock, used to sell that boy rerock, ooh” – Famous Dex, Japan.

“Selling that rerock, repressin’ a block, slide on your block Depressing my opps” – NAV, Minute.

“‘Member when I traveled with that ball? Yeah ‘Member when I sold them that rerock? Yeah” – Derek Wise, Bali.

Beat it down, now rerock it, the kitchen smell like fart fart” – Z-Money, Two 16’s.

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