Wok (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /wha-auk/

Also spelled or known as: Wock, Wauk

Related: Wocky, Wockeisha, Wockhardt

What does Wok mean?

1. Cough syrup containing a mixture of codeine and promethazine made by the company Wockhardt.

Wok Synonyms: Lean, Purple Drank, Dirty Sprite, Soda, TEC, Actavis

2. A big chinese pan for cooking and frying.

Example sentence: “Damn that’s a lot of wok you have there.”

Wok in songs:

“Asians get it from behind while they cleanin’ they wok” – Ghostface Killah, New God Flow.1.

Pull up and wet the block (Pew), sippin’ on lean, that’s Wok‘” – Lil Mosey, Pull Up.

“Take control of your soldiers, you won’t miss ’em ‘Til I toss em in the wok like chicken, General Tso, uh-oh” – Freeway, Cannon.

“Look up, down, to the side Wok got me feeling lil’ lazy” – KBFR, Hood Baby.

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