U.G.K. (group, duo)

Type: group, acronym

Pronunciation: /u-g-k/

Also spelled: UGK, U.G.K

What does U.G.K. mean and stand for?

Underground Kingz.

Similar to U.G.K.: N.W.A., A$AP, TDE, MMG, QC, OVO, OTF, 4PF, GBE, YSL, OPM, YMCMB

Coined by: Bun B & Pimp C

U.G.K. Members: Bun B & Pimp C

Example sentence:Turn up that U.G.K. shit.”

U.G.K. in songs:

I’m Lennon mixed up with U.G.K., maybe try that purple drink” – Mac Miller, Smile Back.

Bumping U.G.K., talking about a murder” – Lil Wayne, Gucci Gucci.

U.G.K. for life, free the Pimp, you know the deal” – Bun B, Trap or Die.

“Learned that from U.G.K. back in “Pocket Full of Stones”” – T.I., About the Money.

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