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Tomboy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /tom-boy/

Also spelled or known as: Tom-boy, Tom boy

Plural: Tomboys

What does Tomboy mean?

A girl that dresses and/or behaves more masculine like a boy would.

Tomboy Synonyms: Gamine, Spitfire

Example sentence: “She used to be a tomboy, till she got with me.”

Tomboy in songs:

“Toya was a tomboy ’til we played catch and screw” – Nas, Remember the Times.

“My Nina a tomboy, I ain’t got time for it, Go wait in line for it” – Chief Keef, Tweaker.

“But why did it really hurt me? ‘Cause I loved Tia, her little tomboy ass at heart” – Lucki, Nigo.

“It’s that tomboy and my pants saggin'” – Princess Nokia, Different.

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