To the moon


To the moon (phrase)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /to-the-moon/

What does To the moon mean?

1. A phrase used for investment and crypto currencies when the value is going to shoot you very high.

2. A phrase used for the release of something that will be popular and go far.

To the moon Synonyms: It’s up, Up and it’s stuck

Example sentence: “We’re going to the moon when this song drops.”

To the moon in songs:

“Feel like brother just got me in tune, Now I’m finna shoot off to the moon, Numbers goin’ like Sonic, they zoom” – Lil TJay, Go In.

To the Moon like Warren, nigga, He ain’t the plug unless he foreign, nigga” – Lil Wayne, XO Tour Life.

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To the moon
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