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Stardom (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /star-dom/

Related: Star

What does Stardom mean?

The position & status of being famous and a popular star.

Stardom Synonyms: Fame

Example sentence: “Justin Bieber quickly rose to stardom.”

Stardom in songs:

“Thought that roach was cool, he died and pushed me into stardom” – Tyler, the Creator, Slater.

“Chasin’ the stardom will turn you to a maniac” – Kanye West, Forever.

“I come from that very very bottom, Now I’m gettin’ money and I’m seein’ stardom” – Fredo Santana, Jealous.

“But it’s quite okay for a gangsta to wear sandals They say because of the fame and stardom” – Kanye West, They Say.

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