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Sprayin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /spray-in/

Also known or spelled as: Spraying

Related: Sprayed, Spray, Spray up

What does Sprayin’ mean?

To be firing rounds of bullets.

Sprayin’ Synonyms: Clappin’, Blastin’

Example sentence: “Those hoodlums are always sprayin’.”

Sprayin’ in songs:

“Say you’ll run up on me like a phone bill, sprayin’ lead” – Eminem, Killshot.

“A couple streets past Baby J, bony niggas sprayin’ K’s” – Vince Stapels, Hive.

“You better bring more men than the Latter Day Saints Manic states, Stephen Paddock with automatic stay sprayin’” – Eminem, Greatest.

“Used to sleep inside a den, I got acres now, I was fightin’ niggas then but I’m sprayin’ now” – 21 Savage, Sneakin’.

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