Sketchy (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /sketch-e/

What does Sketchy mean?

To be shady or untrustworthy.

Sketchy Synonyms: Janky, Sheisty

Example sentence: “The car parked out front is super sketchy.”

Sketchy in songs:

“Sounding sketchy and he know it, I don’t care, I need my coin” – Gunplay, Nobody’s Favorite.

Gotta have the lead, bitches sketchy” – Chief Keef, Status.

“The truth can be independent or the direction that you stretch it
So my niggas will draw when shit gets sketchy” – B.O.B., Shoes For Running.

“And instantly I knew the spot was sketchy, my momma would kill me” – Joyner Lucas, Ross Capicchioni.

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