Skag (slang)

Type: noun, adjectives, slang

Pronunciation: /skahg/

Plural: Skags

What does Skag mean?

An unattractive promiscuous woman.

Skag Synonyms: Thot, Sket, Skank, Skeezer, Bird, Hoe, Prostitute, Spreader, Slut, Whore, Bust down, Eater, Ho, Thottie, Sketel, Hoodrat

Example sentence: “I don’t even want her if she’s a skag.”

Skag in songs:

“You’re Danica Patrick word, skag, We’d be the perfect match, ‘Cause you’re a vacuum, I’m a dirtbag” – Eminem, So Far….

“If a girl’s like this, don’t boast, don’t brag, ‘Cause you’ve got a girl that we call a Skag” – Sir Jinx & Ice Cube, She’s A Skag

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