Sexted (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sex-ted/

Related: Sext, Sexting, Sextin’

What does Sexted mean?

To have sent raunchy or dirty photos through text messages.

Example sentence: “Me and my ex sexted a lot.”

Sexted in songs:

“For the heart breaker that got me writin’ Drake hooks For the ones I drugged out and the ones I sexted” – Dumbfoundead, For You.

“Thinking ’bout all of the times when You sexted me wet ’cause you want it” – Keith Jacobs, This or That.

“She done sexted me with all them curves Way to go, I had to divert from mission” – BEAM, AKIRA PT.1 & 2.

“You checked my phone and I checked you ’bout it We never talked it over, instead we just sextedbout it” – Jay Rock, Redemption.

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